Finding new ways of getting a cynical target audience (young men) engaged in an age old message (drink drive) can be an uphill battle, so with the help of my colleagues on the THINK! campaign team and our agencies I wanted to harness the power of digital and create a piece of surprising new online content to support the latest campaign.

The response to #publooshocker which launched last Thursday has been staggering with over 6 million views across YouTube in the first six days. It’s generated lots of earned mentions both in the UK and across the globe and even featured on TV in the States.

#publooshocker is a 50 second film that aims to remind viewers of the ultimate consequence of drink driving to reinforce and maintain its social unacceptability.  Forming part of the summer drink drive campaign it targets young men aged 17-29 (who are consistently over represented in drink drive accidents) and will run from June to August.

Our key target audience are heavy consumers of online video and the targeted nature of digital media has meant we can reach them cost effectively. With a modest campaign budget and a well known message, we wanted to create something different that would have the potential to generate PR and amplify the wider campaign.

The results so far

By the time this article is published our content will be a week old and while it hasn’t reached Gangnam-style viral proportions, by using a combination of PR, stakeholder and owned-channel promotion (Twitter, Facebook and YouTube), we’re already off to a great start.

Other statistics show that:

  • Youtube analytics currently show that 90% of viewers are watching the content until the final frame.
  • 96% of viewing ratings on our YouTube channel have been positive.
  • It has received 10 pieces of online coverage including the Huffington Post, the Mail, the Express and the Metro online.
  • We have had 5,500 tweets with a reach of 6.7 million using the hashtag #publooshocker.

Further traffic will be driven to the content over the next few weeks via our paid-for media, which includes QR codes on our pub-washroom panels, mobile advertising and seeding the content on targeted websites, blogs and forums.

Whether the content will earn the ‘viral’ crown remains to be seen, and we look forward to looking analysing the results. In the meantime, if you haven’t already seen the film check it out, share it, join the conversation on twitter (@#publooshocker)…and watch this space.

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