Karolina Nikolaou

Karolina Nikolaou

As sharing and infographics have taken over our personal and professional lives, I thought I d share with you an infographic on the key insights from our recent outreach activities in places of worship to raise awareness and support for organ donation amongst Black, Asian and Minority Ethnic (BAME) communities.

Infographic_BAME Outreach Evaluation_NHSBt

The events, what we achieved and what we learned

One of the actions within the Faith Action Plan is for NHSBT to provide outreach activity at a local level.  Therefore we organised this short-term outreach programme alongside implementation of the other action points allocated to NHSBT.  Going forward we anticipate outreach activity to be incorporated as part of our new behavioural change strategy that supports the Taking Organ Transplantation towards 2020 UK-wide strategy.

Results show that this activity was successful in raising awareness and support for organ donation. On the 27 educational activities in places of worship 1,014 people from BAME communities registered on the ODR with 98% of people saying that they will share their organ donation decision with their loved ones and the number of people that say they support or strongly support organ donation increasing by 27% after attending the events.

Additionally 75% of people said they had a better understanding of organ donation after speaking with the outreach team. This figure along with anecdotal feedback from worshippers reinforces the importance of community and faith led events to increase organ donation awareness and educate people.

In regards to consent 84% of people didn’t know that their families would be asked for consent in the event they weren’t on the ODR; only 29% of people said they would agree to organ donation if they weren’t aware of their loved ones wishes with that figured increasing to 72% when organ donation wishes are known providing further evidence of the importance of sharing your organ donation decision.

This is a bit organ donation focused so if you would like to know more about the events please get in contact.

And remember: 3 people die every day waiting for a transplant. Have you shared your organ donation decision yet?

Blog post by Karolina Nikolaou, Senior Marketing & Campaigns Officer, NHS Blood and Transplant

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